Fulbright Consultation for New Brunswick Graduate Students and Alumni

This online consultation will help New Brunswick graduate students and alumni learn about what Fulbright options might be best for you. Current New Brunswick graduate students and recent alumni (who have earned their master's degree in the past 5 years) may be eligible to apply for one or more Fulbright grants to support overseas work. All other interested students should contact their campus FPA.

Once you have completed this consultation, we will follow-up by email to provide you with guidance about the Fulbright application process, information about becoming a competitive candidate, and other major funding options to accomplish your work abroad.

Please tell us about yourself:

Have you worked with GradFund in the past?
Please tell us about your citizenship status. We are asking about your citizenship in order to help you understand your eligibility for the Fulbright Hays and Fulbright IIE competitions.

On the next pages of this consultation form we will provide you with information about different types of Fulbright awards, ask about your research and travel plans, and help get started on the next steps in applying for a Fulbright.