Application Logistics

An essential element in crafting a competitive fellowship or grant application is managing the applications logistics. Each funder sets up its own structure for eligibility, deadlines, and review process. Some awards may be open only to students early in their programs, while others may have prerequisites such as language training or advanced coursework, and students should anticipate how these limitations affect their long-term funding plans. Deadlines often occur once or twice a year, and the time elapsed during application review and disbursement of funds may be six months to a year. Due to these constraints, applicants should commonly plan to submit applications for funding a full year before the funding would, if successful, be received.

Depending on the award that you are applying for and the funder that offers it, you may need to process your application through the university's Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP). If you are unsure whether or not your application must be processed through ORSP, ask us. If you do need to process your application through ORSP, contact your Grant Specialist well in advance of the deadline.

Some awards require that you process your application through the Graduate School-New Brunswick. These include the Fulbright Research and Study Grant and ETA, the DAAD and the Fulbright Hays.

Each funder will have their own application submission process through a web portal, by email or through the mail/courier. Well in advance of the deadline, determine what the submission process will be and if required, set up the necessary accounts.

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