Awards for your Degree Program

We encourage all graduate students, regardless of degree program or stage of study to apply for merit-based research grants and fellowships. To begin to explore the funding options that may be available to you, navigate to the find awards section of our site

Professional degree programs (such as EdD, JD, MEd, MD, MSW, PsyD, MBS) and non-thesis master's degrees are often not supported by the same funders that support research-based programs. Students in professional degree programs are sometimes eligible for scholarships offered by companies or professional societies, or internships provided by private companies. MFA students may be eligible for some fellowships designed to support artists in residence.

Online degree programs are a relatively new addition to the world of graduate education, and many funders have not yet directly addressed whether students matriculated in an online program are eligible for their awards. Online degree students may be eligible for a subset of the scholarships and internships that support professional degree programs, but should take care to contact the program officers of all potential funding sources to verify their eligibility.

As you consider your options, keep in mind that student typically apply for merit-based funding the academic year before they plan to use the support so advanced planning is essential. By its very nature, merit-based funding is awarded based on merit and academic achievement. Financial need rarely plays a role in the awarding of a fellowship or grant and rarely can the funds be used to support tuition or fees.