GradFund Online Tutorials

GradFund has developed a series of online tutorials to assist you in the development of a proposal for a funding application. These tutorials are designed to help you with the task of writing a competitive application and organizing all of its components.

By using these tutorials, you will learn the mechanics of proposal writing and best practices in grantsmanship while you develop an outline of your funding application, including the research proposal, supporting materials, and the application form(s). Although the tutorials are self-paced, we encourage you to set up a schedule to keep yourself on track.

When you have completed the tutorial, you will have the first draft of your application materials and a good idea of how to assemble your funding application package. The more time you invest in crafting the essays detailed in this tutorial, the more advice and guidance we will be able to provide you. Providing ample time to work on your applications is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Completing this tutorial will not accelerate the application development process but it will be a valuable time investment: competitive funding applications take time to write and rewrite.

We encourage you to complement the tutorial with individual meetings with a GradFund fellowship advisor. During an application review meeting, you will receive personalized feedback to help you target the goals of your particular funder, ensure that you are providing the appropriate tone and level of detail for your review audience, and improve clarity and organization of the application. You can schedule a meeting through our website.

This tutorial is designed for graduate students who have selected an award to apply for. If you would like to search for awards to support your graduate work, you can use our website to search for awards and schedule a pre-application meeting to discuss your options with a fellowship advisor.

Select one of the Online Tutorials below to get started. Our tutorials are hosted on the GradFund Virtual Office on Sakai. You will need to join and sign into our site to access the tutorials. For help in joining the GradFund Virtual Office on Sakai, click here.

Online Tutorials