Advice for Newly Admitted Students

Congratulations on your admission to a Rutgers graduate program! We hope that you plan to join us for your graduate study. We would like to give you a brief tour of our site and encourage you to apply for merit-based grants and fellowships as a graduate student. GradFund is a service of the Graduate School New Brunswick and our mission is to assist graduate students applying for merit-based research grants, fellowships and scholarships.

If you have been admitted to a research-based doctoral program or master's program, you will want to apply for external funding as a graduate student. Securing external funding is a foundational element to a successful research career and you will want to learn this skill early in your tenure at Rutgers. To assist entering graduate students with learning how to apply for nationally competitive fellowships effectively, we offer the Early Graduate Study Fellowship Mentoring Program each summer.

If you have been admitted to a practice-based doctoral or master's program, there may be scholarships or fellowships available to you; much will depend on your program of study.

To assist graduate students with applying for merit-based funding, we offer a number of services including workshops and individual appointments. You can search for funding in the GradFund Award Database, and once you accept your graduate program's offer of admission, you can join the GradFund Virtual Office on Sakai. We invite all of our students and visitors to frequent our blog where you will find advice and information on applying for grants and fellowships as a graduate student. If you have a question, feel free to be in touch with us. We look forward to working with you!

Finally, regardless of your degree program, if you are interested in integrating an international experience into your graduate study, consider applying for a Fulbright. There are a number of Fulbright programs that support graduate student work overseas. You can learn more about your options here.

If you have questions about need-based financial aid, you should consult with the university's office of financial aid.